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Posed for KMEF Phases 1 & 2, and the initial starting position for Phase 3, KM Curriculum CoP: "How can we support these competencies in professional training, at the certificate level, at the Master’s and PhD. levels? - 2011 Communique. At the On Site Event the consensus was that "This question has many dependencies with Questions 2 and 3. "As a general framework for considering these issues, the community focused on Doug Weidner’s progressive learning model. This model provides for a range of certifying and credentialing options." "Some consensus was achieved, though, around general issues." See the communique for details.

After making any desired changes to the draft guiding principles provided, as pre-master's pKM kidney infection symptoms education was discussed in the Webinars and at the On Site, the CoP may wish to consider if question to be addressed should be slightly modified.